About Us

007Mother Road Coffee is proudly owned by Ed and Kara Hardesty. Located just 2 blocks off of Route 66 in Carthage, Missouri, Mother Road Coffee is right on the historic Carthage downtown square and across the street from the Jasper County Courthouse. Mother Road Coffee is a specialty coffee shop and a one of a kind place to relax, sip coffee, enjoy friends and all of the things Carthage has to offer.

Kara, born in the Midwest, lived in the Seattle area for more than 20 years.  She met and married Ed, who was born and raised in Tacoma, Washington.  The two decided to head back to her roots and settled in Carthage in 2010 with their golden retriever, Champ.  They fell in love with the Carthage and it’s historic small town feel but really missed the abundance of coffee shops in the Pacific Northwest.  They decided to open Mother Road Coffee to help curb that coffee craving they acquired in Tacoma and Seattle.

Mother Road Coffee opened in April 2013 and they have been on an amazing journey ever since.   They’ve met more people than they can count, are considered one place in town that people like to gather and visit, and pride themselves on brewing the best coffee in town.  They also have a map on the wall with pins for customers to mark where they are from.  The amount of visitors from Europe grew so quickly, they had to expand to a larger map!  They’re considered an icon for the area and Route 66 and are loving every minute of it.

In January 2014, Mother Road Coffee was named the 2013 “Small Business of the Year” and awarded the “Spotlight Award” by the Carthage Chamber of Commerce.  It’s an absolute honor to have those two awards sitting on the fireplace mantle.

Thank you for visiting the site.  Please take a look around, check out the menu, and plan to visit us soon.


Our Hours

Monday – Friday:  6:30 am – 5:00 pm
Saturday:  7:30 am – 12:00 pm
Sunday:  Closed

Please check our Facebook page for the most updated hours of operation.